How do you know when it’s time to get a new car?
July 30, 2015
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Struggling to sell your old car in Long Island NY?

We buy cars long ilsand sell my car long island cash for cars long island

Sell your Car Truck or Van in Long Island NY

Just like anything in life, a new car doesn’t stay new forever. It almost seems that as soon as you drive it off the lot,  it is immediately replaced with a newer, better model. This can drastically drive the value of your car down and make it virtually impossible to get what you paid for your car back. That’s how the cookie crumbles so to speak and it’s a damn shame. But there is some good news, it’s not a total loss, you can still sell your car for cash!

We buy any car no matter what the year, make, and model is we buy Toyotas, BMW’s, Audi’s, and any other year, make, or model vehicle.

How you may ask? By contacting cash for junk cars Long island NY! Cash for cars Long Island understands how frustrating this can be  and will give you a fair price for your old outdated car. All you have to do is call 646-200-5863 and Cash for cars Long island will quote you a very reasonable price with no obligations. Once you accept this price, the nearest tow truck will be sent to pick up your old car and you will be handed the cash amount agreed upon over the phone. No hassle or hidden fees. That’s what makes cash for cars Long Island the best towing service in the NY area.

Unlike many other services like this in the long island NY area, cash for cars Long island NY stands true to their offer. The price you are quoted is the money that will be delivered. You won’t be hit with any unexpected towing fees or deliver fees or any other hidden fees when we buy your Junk Car. This is just bad business and is down right sneaky and deceiving, that’s why cash for cars long island NY doesn’t participate and prides themselves as an honest business, sometimes considered a rarity in this type of business. So if you don’t like hassle, which we know that no one does, then call cash for cars long island NY right now and let us give you cash for your old out of date car today!

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